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not websites.

Creating brand stories through map based 2D and 3D web pages.

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why maps?

We design and develop map-based web pages. Why? We think they're cool. And we're good at it.Do we have any data to show they perform better than traditional web pages? No.So, what's the point in building one?Again - we think they're cool. And we're willing to bet your customers will agree.

PORTFOLIO - Birdtopia

JerseyBird is a sportswear design and manufacturing company that works with sports teams to create jerseys and apparel.Comprised of athletic venues displaying iconic moments in sports history, Birdtopia creates a memorable experience for every visitor.Several animated objects were added to enhance the visual aspect of the map. To optimize site speed but still maintain high resolution, a combination of vector files and PNGs were used to compress the artwork.Birdtopia displays how 2D isometric artwork can create a memorable web experience while not having to sacrifice site speed or performance.